Other trains in my life

Uploaded 2005-03-28

This ridicoulus little train, I have, for some reason been saving since I was a kid. The whole train is about 28 cm long and made of die-cast zink.

The roof of the carriages can be lifted off to be transformed into open goodswagons . And it doesn´t even move on rail!

The makers name was BAPRO, meaning BAkelit-PROdukter It was manufactured by Solna Pressgjuteri starting in 1948 and to the end of the 50-ies. They also made a space-ship, a Mercedes racecar and a truck( Dinky copies).

The train doesn´t have any real value , but I will hang on to it just the same. It is a bit of swedish toy history...

A thank you to Peter Pluntky for the background!

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